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InvestSahi Team

InvestSahi - Lata Bhope

Lata Bhope

Co-Founder and Director

A Computer Science Engineer, who has been in the IT industry for 13+ years, Mrs. Lata Hemant Bhope, co-founded InvestSahi with the sole mission to create Financial Awareness for all those who want to be financially stable and retire early. She firmly believes that Financial education is needed in the country today.

She also believes in Chanakya's(Kautilya) "Artha Shastra", that "Dharmasya moola Artha", which means for the cause of good also, we need money.. Dharmasya - for righteous work. And to truly follow your heart, everyone needs to be Financially Free first.

InvestSahi - Vinod Jadhav

Dr. Vinod Jadhav


With over 9 years of practice in dentistry, Dr. Vinod Jadhav, gave up his career in pursuit of understanding the concept of Money. His association with InvestSahi started when he realized that he could achieve Financial Freedom in reality.

As a Technical Head with InvestSahi, he is contributing his practical experiences to help people get out of the RAT race of earning money. He believes that like everything else, one needs to get Education about Finance and Money workings too. And it requires discipline and effort.

Supporting Team

 Enlighten Web- UI UX Designer, Logo Designer, Brand Designer, Web Designer / Developer,,

Pravin Wadkar

Founder & Creative Director - Enlighten Web

A Creative Web and Graphics Designer, Pravin has majorly contributed to InvestSahi's website development with a lot of passion, skill and creativity. He has researched and implemented the newest technology and fresh ideas into the building of InvestSahi's Website.

InvestSahi - Ketaki Chavan

Ketaki Chavan

Co-Founder & Associate Creative Director - Cub Design

A talented and creative, Ketki has used her creativity and fresh ideas for InvestSahi's various FB posts and other outdoor creatives. She also has a major role in designing creative environmental designs for InvestSahi's office.

InvestSahi - Ajay Sapkal

Ajay Sapkale

Co-Founder & Associate Creative Director - Cub Design

Ajay has majorly contributed to InvestSahi's digital marketing and internal branding. He has helped in conceptualizing the environmental designs as well as the other creatives for InvestSahi's office and online marketing.