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Q1. Do you know where you are heading in terms of your finance?

Q2. Have you ever planned to retire early.. Say when you are at the age of 35 to 40 years?

Q3. Does school prepare children about Money and its workings?

Q4. Will reading books make you financially free ?

Q5. Do you know if your Investments are REALLY growing taking inflation into account?

Q6. Will your investments made so far make you wealthy ?

Q7. Do you know what Ignorance towards financial knowledge will cost you?

Q8. Are you in the RAT race of life?

Q9. Are you still concerned over your old financial losses or wrong financial decisions?

Q10. Are you feeling "I don't have enough"?

Q11. Do you freely tip all the people during the day - auto, vegetable vendor, hotels etc?

Q12. Have you ever written your financial milestones / goals clearly?

Q13. Are you continuously working on freeing yourself financially?

Q14. Are you indecisive about money or postponing decisions because of money?

Q15. Do you actually know what an asset and liability mean ?

Q16. Do you budget your expenses?

Q17. Does completing graduation, professional degree or being a employed, self employed, etc make you financially free?

Q18. Are you OK if you don't have money?

Q19. Do you have financial knowledge?

Q20. Do you REALLY want to be rich and wealthy from whatever point you are now?