InvestSahi - Mr. Hemant Bhope / Trainer, financial consultant, investment trainer pune, India

Hemant Bhope

With 18+ years of experience, Mr. Hemant Bhope Founder, Managing Director and Speaker of InvestSahi Money Training and Consultants Pvt. Ltd., has been a Financial Trainer, Trading Analyst, Transformational Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. He has applied a lot of his learning's in practical implementations and converted them into real life experiences. So, whatever he will say comes from a great deal of analysis and wisdom.

He has researched all his life to understand, learn, implement, experience and relate the Money concept to break the mould of working for money. It has been his research of 21 years where he has attended various workshops, trainings, courses and finally has been successful in creating a brilliant course which will help you lead a financially educated life.

According to him, creating wealth is a PLAN. And it does need education. Financial education.